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FAQs & Informations

  • Where is Maldives?

    The Republic of Maldives is a group of coral islands to the north of the equator in the Indian Ocean. It is to the southwest of India and Sri Lanka. Out of the 1200 islands only 200 are inhabited and none of them rise 6’ above sea level. It lies between latitudes 4 degree- 17 North and longitudes 73 degree- 50 East.

  • How can I get Maldives?

    Male International Airport (MLE) is the main airport, which connects Maldives to all major countries in South-East Asia including India, China and Sri Lanka. There are also direct flights from Dubai, and chartered flights coming in from Europe, China and Singapore.

  • Is the Maldives a good destination to take children?

    While typically known as a romantic holiday destination, the Maldives is an amazing place for families with children of all ages. Thanks to the spectacular tropical weather, world-class resorts and beautiful beaches, there’s plenty of fun to be had for kids too. Additionally, the Maldives is a very safe country with warm and welcoming locals who will go above and beyond to make your holiday truly unforgettable.

  • Do I need Visa for Maldives?

    A valid passport, along with an onward/return ticket and sufficient funds, is required for entry. A no-cost visitor visa valid for 30 days is issued upon arrival.

  • Are there any restrictions on buying alcohol in the Maldives?

    As the Maldives are a Muslim country, alcohol is illegal in Malé and the locally inhabited islands. But there’s no need to worry, all the resort islands have a special alcohol licence so you can still sip cocktails in tropical paradise.

  • Can I use my phone and internet?

    With an unlocked mobile phone, you can purchase a prepaid sim once you arrive in in Malé, or alternatively contact your service provider to see if international roaming is available. WiFi is available throughout the Maldives resorts.

  • Can I use my normal electrical plugs in the Maldives?

    The Maldives uses a variety of plug sockets including type C / D / G / J / K / L and a standard voltage of 230 V and frequency of 50Hz. To make life simple, we suggest looking at purchasing a multi-purpose international adapter.

  • Do I need travel insurance?

    Yes. Regardless of your health or preferred holiday style, travel insurance protects you against accident, illness or injury. Insurance also covers you and your family in case of acts of nature, lost or stolen luggage and in light of unexpected changes to your travel plans.

  • What is the airport like?

    Ibrahim Nasir International Airport or Male’ International Airport is the main connection between Maldives and the rest of the world. It is an island which is a short boat ride away from Male’, the capital city. It is the main transit point for everyone who visits Maldives. From here seaplanes, speed boats and the dhonis transfer people to their respective destinations. Internal flights to northern and southern atolls also operate from Hulule.

  • What about domestic transportation?

    From the airport island there is a round the clock ferry service to the capital Male’. there are 9 airports that handle domestic flights including Male’, Gan (Addu), Hanimaadhoo, Maamigili, Kadhdhoo, Kaadedhdhoo, Dharavandhoo, Fuamulah, and Kooddoo airports. International merchant shipping is handled by the port of Male’. The fishing dhoni is the traditional all-purpose vessel in Maldives. Although dhonis have sails, most are also powered by engines. They are used mainly within the sheltered waters of each atoll. Travel through the open sea from one atoll to another is usually by vedis, larger, square-shaped wooden cargo boats.

  • What is the Capital City?

    When it comes to size, Male’ would perhaps count as one of the smallest capitals in the world. It is home to one third of the country’s total population. It is a city of skyscrapers and paved roads. While the government offices are located in one area, the main streets are lined with shops and offices. In Male you would not find any beach, instead it is encircled by seawalls. The city is quite green and pleasant. The streets in the residential areas are shaded with trees, at places forming an arch overhead.

  • Is Maldives safe for visitors?

    Yes, Maldives is probably one of the safest places in the world.

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